Lean Bulking With Ostarine

All the hard training all the ostarine (mk-2866) used, the food I had stuff myself with to get to 227, and all the months of dieting to get back down again. And given all of my previous training experience and how much muscle I was already carrying before I started it, it really shouldn’t have been a surprise, but I just didn’t know any better at the time.

And this is why I’ve made several videos in the past and talked many times before about why dirty bulking is generally just a bad idea for most natural lifters. And that’s because your body can only make use of so many calories in a given day and you can only gain a pretty limited amount of muscle during any given week, or any given month, and any calories you take in beyond that maximum point are just gonna end up as body fat.

For a beginner you’re probably looking at around 300 calorie daily surplus for optimal results, and about two pounds of overall weight gain per month, three at the very most, and then the rate of weight gain should slow down by about half for every consecutive year of proper training after the first. And the total size of your calorie surplus should also go down over time as well since you aren’t going to be able to build muscle at the same rate the more experience that you’d gain.

So maintaining a moderate controlled surplus and focusing on making slower, leaner gains over the long term is generally the best approach, because you’ll just look and feel better throughout the entire process, you’ll still build muscle at or near your maximum potential, and it also means less time spent cutting later on, which is a big plus, since dieting is obviously no fun, and because it will also allow you to spend more time focusing on muscle gain rather than having to shift your focus onto dropping body fat that you didn’t even need to gain in the first place.

So, just use my past experience as a reminder. And on the plus side at least the mistakes that I made with dirty bulking can hopefully help some people out there avoid going down the same route. I know it’s tempting once you get into “muscle building mode” that you just want to go all out with it, and it also makes it easier to justify overeating because you can just tell yourself that you need all those extra calories to make the gains, but it’s just not the reality because you really don’t need a huge surplus to maximize your muscle growth over any given date anyway.

And if you remain disciplined enough to stay within a healthy body fat percentage year-round, I wouldn’t recommend bulking past probably 18 to 20% as a maximum cap for males, then you’re gonna thank yourself later on since you won’t have to do that long drawn-out cutting phase in order to lean back down. So, thanks for watching guys. I hope this story and this advice was helpful.

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