Chris Reeve Knives for Sale Reflect the Work and Skills of a True Master

Ever since he invented the now ubiquitous frame lock mechanism back in the 1980s, knife designer Chris Reeve has been steadily advancing the state of the art. While few innovations have made anywhere near as much of an impact as what was then known as the “Reeve Integral Lock,” the trend-setting designer has never lacked for ideas or inspiration.

Many of the Chris Reeve knives for sale today display this in ways that will impress enthusiasts everywhere. Reeve’s fertile imagination remains a top source of interesting new developments in knife design.

The History of a Legendary Addition to the Knife Designer’s Toolkit

Up until about 1980, most folding knives on the market either lacked locking mechanisms or used pieces of sprung steel set into the back of the handle to keep the blade fixed in the open position. The former option would subject a knife user to the danger of the blade snapping closed when pressure was exerted on it, with the latter providing only a partially reliable solution.

The development of the liner lock ended up being a boon for knife owners and designers alike. With a flexible portion of the liner now being used to hold a knife open, more force could be exerted without the danger of the blade snapping closed.

Reeve took things a step further with his introduction of what is now known as the frame lock. Doing away entirely with the need to have a liner, the frame lock nonetheless proved to be even more reliable than the liner lock that had preceded it. As a result, frame locks became more and more common with every passing year after Reeve first introduced his invention to the world.

A Knife Designer Who Never Seems to Tire of Pushing the Boundaries

There has probably been no single advancement in the knife industry since which has been as influential as Reeve’s invention of the frame locking mechanism. Despite that fact, Reeve has maintained a universally acknowledged position as one of the industry’s most inspired and thoughtful designers. Just about every knife Reeve turns out or works on with others adds in some way to the state of the art in an industry that does not normally lack for new developments.

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